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    Cut-Off your Training Costs up to %70 with our E-Learning Solution

  • Cut-Off your Training Costs up to %70
    with our E-Learning Solution

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Cost Effective


Whereas traditional classroom instruction requires pilots to be pulled "off the line"; a training facility to be maintained and instructors to be compensated, e-learning is extremely cost-effective and therefore an attractive alternative.

- Dr. Suzanne Kearns, E-Learning in Aviation (2010)


Mobile Learning

Learning through mobile devices such as ipads, android tablets, laptops and smart phones is the keystone for learning anywhere & anytime.

Rich Content

Flyco E-Learning Solutions have rich, comprehensive and detailed contents. We provide courses up to your needs and expectations thanks to our rich content that contains about 300 courses.

Powerful LMS

LMS is currently the primary method of implementing eLearning into Aviation industry. Flyco`s LMS has a responsive design for connecting user-administrator and provider sides, embedded within our IT infrastructure.

FLYCO's design is great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!

See our system in your own mobile devices. Go for demo module.

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  • Flyco mobile learning system eliminates dependency of place & time

    while decreasing total budget and improving learning efficiency.

  • Our online courses meets the authorithy regulations for recurrency trainings

    In addition to our wide range of courses, we add tailor-made courses when required.

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